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What Parents Are Saying

"My children love the interactive experience at Wheaton Yamaha! They often sit at our piano at home and just start practicing. I wasn’t expecting how enthusiastic they would be. I think this is related to the instructor’s passion for teaching others the joy of music. I’m even learning about music too!"

"From a child who was bored out of her mind with her piano lessons received from another teacher in a different school, my daughter now simply cannot wait for piano class. Our instructor is a wonderful teacher who knows how to strike a balance between fun and learning. I highly recommend this school."

"Wheaton Yamaha Music School is an amazing place. The faculty are not just wildly talented and credentialed musicians; they are truly gifted instructors. As a child, I loathed piano lessons. My son honestly looks forward to his lesson at Yamaha every week. He has enjoyed each stage of the program - I cannot imagine a better way to introduce music to a child. The balance between fun and advancement is managed perfectly, and my son has excelled beyond what I ever thought imaginable for him."

"I researched other methods of music instruction, and our expectations of Wheaton Yamaha have been exceeded. The instructions are excellent in their ability to direct a group of excited youngsters. They inspire and encourage them to love music as they grow in their technical skills. My sons LOVE going to class, and are motivated by that environment."

"Yamaha is an incredible environment to learn music. It is a very holistic and complete approach to music which engages the students through movement, singing, ear training, and playing! It is a perfect approach, especially for my boy who has both a love for music and a very active personality."

"This wonderfully fun program has given my 6 year old more confidence in himself by encouraging his creativity with music as well as just teaching him to be a better listener!"

"I have two sons at Wheaton Yamaha, they have been taking classes for several years now. We love it! The awesome teachers inspire the love of music, all while teaching the technical skills of playing the piano and signing. Because of this philosophy: my boys love to go to class, and at home they enjoy just playing the piano for fun. It's really a unique place with a unique philosophy. I encourage parents to check it out to find out more about what makes this place special."

"I can’t say enough about our instructor and his ability to connect and work with young students. This is absolutely his calling! Watching my son learn so effortlessly in his classroom has been a joy. Highly, highly recommend Wheaton Yamaha!"

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