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Our Philosophy

🤓 Comprehensive

At Wheaton Yamaha, students learn so much more than how to play the piano. Through guided listening, your child will internalize the language of music and be able to hear, play, and write their own songs. This technique also plants the seeds of success for band, orchestra, choir, or any other future musical study.


📆 Age-Appropriate

Our teachers and the Yamaha method take advantage of the skills and learning styles of individual age groups so that classes and lessons are accessible, enjoyable, and encouraging.​

🤪 Fun! Fun! Fun!

Most parents would like their children to play the piano, guitar, or sing. But adding that to baseball practice, dance class, Mandarin lessons, and homework can feel like too much--for both you and your child. But fear not! At Wheaton Yamaha, our students look forward to music classes and lessons. WE PROMISE! Students get to be imaginative and creative. Parents share their children's success. And, of course, our teachers love making music. All of that joy is irresistible and leaves students looking forward to more!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Group Classes

What makes your child special? Whether they're an encourager, good listener, enthusiastic answerer, or team player, they have a place at Wheaton Yamaha. Each class is a community of students, parents, and teachers built on cooperation and sharing. When children sing, move, and play together, they gain the confidence to actually enjoy performing for and with one another.

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