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What Makes Us Different?

If you're like most people, piano lessons were not the highlight of your week as a child. It takes a great teacher to make any new challenge interesting, engaging, and memorable. Do any of the following sentiments sound familiar?

😫 "I hated practicing." 

We won't pretend that your child will always want to practice... but our experience is that Wheaton Yamaha students not only make music at home but enjoy doing it. The Yamaha classes are designed to be win-win-win (did we say "Win"?)​

  • Entertaining -- goodbye disinterest!

  • Challenging -- goodbye boredom!

  • Accessible -- goodbye frustration!

Music classes are bonding experiences between you and your child. The music we play in class translates easily to the home with books, practice tracks, and videos. 

😰 "Performing was stressful."

Two science-backed ways to overcome performance anxiety is to lean on a friend (or parent, if your five years old!) and to goof around. The social interaction in a Wheaton Yamaha class boosts relaxation and decreases stress. Help your child overcome those fears of failure in a safe and encouraging environment.

🤔 "I can't remember how to play." 

Why not try something different, then? The Yamaha Music School curriculum helps your young one absorb music just like everything else. When your child learns music from the inside-out, they will be a fluent musician for the rest of their life!


😑 "I didn't enjoy the music I had to learn." 

The Wheaton Yamaha method exposes your son or daughter to a broad spectrum of musical styles: pop, blues, classical, dance, orchestral, and name a few! Using melodies from around the world broadens children's musical (and cultural) vocabulary. 

🥱 "Playing alone was boring."

It takes a unique personality to enjoy sitting in a room and learning something new by yourself. But most children find sports more fun than music lessons because they are social and active... and we can't blame them. Go Cubs, Go! Young children need to share with, listen to, and experience new things with others, particularly at this stage in their development. Our classes are high-energy and incorporate a variety of activities. Each group explores music together as a team.

🙄 "Piano lessons just weren't cool!"

You know how kids like to have a toy vacuum to be like daddy or mommy? Let's be real, chores aren't cool... but you are! When your kid has a musical role model that is exciting and charming, they'll see just how cool making music is!

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