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Positions Now Available

Yamaha Music Education System Teachers

Yamaha classroom teachers are well rounded and thrive in high energy situations that require multi-tasking and quick processing. They have strong classroom management skills and know how to intuitively both nurture and redirect children. They are fun, dynamic, and enjoy being in front of people. Musically, they have the piano and vocal skills needed to lead, rehearse, and accompany a class expressively both in their playing and singing. They have a firm grasp of theory and traditional harmonic function that allows them to harmonize, improvise, and compose in class with their students. A Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Music is required.

Private Lesson Instructors

Our private lesson instructors are highly skilled and trained musicians who are driven by their love for teaching. They are patient, kind, and encouraging, and they are anxious to work with the interests and learning styles of each individual student to give him/her the tools necessary to cultivate a lifelong love of music. A Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Music is required.

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